About this guy

Rob Waters is an Information Systems Coordinator for an automotive parts maker located in Chesapeake, VA. Prior to his current stint as an IS coordinator, he has run the gambit from technical support for dial up internet and hardware makers, to 3 self-reflective years driving a linen truck 200 miles a day.

Aside from associated acts of geekery that one would expect from someone working in an IT/IS field, he observes music, politics, and the way it all pushes itself together in the world. When not attached to a keyboard, he can be found at a live music venue, checking out assorted beverages and culinary offerings at local restaurants, and being a single father to an overly precocious boy with ADHD.

Rob exhibits a peculiar fondness for zombie related material, from “Zombie C.E.O.” to “The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead”.


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