Every sperm is sacred..


Since they always invariably delete it before people can read it, once they realize how stupid it sounds, here’s the ad:


looking for a healthy male to help a couple conceive a child, Must be DDD Free,Must be able to prove it, Drama free, and attractive White, Or mixed preferred. Must Live In Newport News or Hampton and Independent(have your own place).Also must be avaliable in the mornings.Please Provide A Pic and why your interested and i will do the same i am not ugly:).Please keep your negative comments to yourself”

Somehow, I don’t think people who don’t understand genetics or how to use caps should be allowed to have babies. I mean, you really think the donor being “attractive” is really going to impact how the baby looks? You don’t actually give a fuck all if the donor’s intelligent, artistic, creative, none of that stuff that actually matters in mating. You just care that they’re attractive. You do realize that won’t mean anything anyways, once the world of Harrison Bergeron comes to fruition anyway right? What? You don’t know who that is? Vonnegut? Still not ringing any bells? Eeesh. Please don’t reproduce. This world doesn’t have more room for another Honey BooBoo. 



2 comments on “Every sperm is sacred..

  1. Jill says:

    “must be available in the mornings” and have his own place, and be attractive, and drama free…

    But yes, intelligence, meh. Great genetics? Meh. DDD free. What about D&D? Does that count?

    I just don’t know. This makes me wonder if it’s a woman looking for some morning On The Side, Down Low. Perhaps I am jaded. And somewhat tipsy at the moment.

    • evilrobert says:

      That’s possible. Or lesbian relationship who’s too afraid to just say it. Or single chick who isn’t getting lucky with the dating attempts. Who knows.

      I would mate with someone who tests D&D positive before this superficial tramp.

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